*Memory Book

Memory Book is a 8 Page personalized book for each buddy in the class of a school for a year. It is a beautiful medium for buddy to remember his year in the school for a span of life. There is always an emotional touch for the buddy to remember about:

School: A place where they learn and grow every day.
Principal: Whos fear always makes buddy limit their mischief.
Portrait: A remember for buddy about his looks and attitude that year.
My Buddies: List of partners buddy had in everything they did that year.
My Teacher's Portraits: A list of teachers who guided their way through academic years
My Teacher's Comments: Remarks mentioned by teacher for the buddy that year.

Photo buddy also provides a 4 Page, Dual Portrait Memory Book.


Memory book is a 8 Page Personalized Book for each student that portrays the complete year spent by the student.

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A set of memories that were spent by the student in the institute with number staff's and colleagues in span of time.

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We also offer Add-ons with Memory Book or Graduation Folder like: I-Cards, Labels, Book Marks, Frames, ID Sheets, etc.

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4Event Photography

Photo Buddy gets you a complete package of photography for the events that are held every year in the schools.

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