*Kodak a World Leader

Kodak is recognized as one of the best & skilled leader in Photography Vertical. The World wide leader has always given modern innovative ways in every kind of Imaging - Personal, Entertainment (Movies), Medical, etc.

Kodak has established a well set market in Mumbai & being a brand name is always approached by thousands with photo requirements.

*Kodak with a Team of Professionals

A success always follows the excellence and the excellence is achieved by the team managing Kodak with its efficiency. Kodak has enormous number of members who are always been trained for benefits and new developments in the Photography sector.

Today with perfect combinations of Coordinators, Photographers, Designers, Operators, Printers, etc. Kodad has gained the major photography markets of the world.

*Photobuddy shakes hand with Kodak

Photobuddy in collaboration with Kodak Moments have come up with more than 100 ready to use designs with possibility of design adoptions as well as personalized designs.

We have a setup for customizations for Every Buddy. My Book is personalized to have my big portrait, My Buddy's photos, My Teacher's comments about me. Fully Automated Workflow makes data & photo handling, matching & printing very fast & still accurate