*Graduation Folder

Memories always diminish gradually, things you remember today may not be exactly after span of time. To make the memories of your graduation permanent, Photo Buddy gives you a 4 Page Graduation Folder, which the name itself means has nothing else but the content of your graduation like:

My School: A brief story of your school & you.
My Graduation Certificate: An image replica of the cerficate that you strive to achives since years is not a story to tell but a fact to remember.
My Teachers & Princlipal's Portrait & Comments: You have always been what your are but some qualities that are hidden from you are open to them.
My Buddies: List of partners buddy had in everything they did that year.
My Portraits: An achivement to wear a convocation uniform and remember your graduation lifetime.


Memory book is a 8 Page Personalized Book for each student that portrays the complete year spent by the student.

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A set of memories that were spent by the student in the institute with number staff's and colleagues in span of time.

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We also offer Add-ons with Memory Book or Graduation Folder like: I-Cards, Labels, Book Marks, Frames, ID Sheets, etc.

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4Event Photography

Photo Buddy gets you a complete package of photography for the events that are held every year in the schools.

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