*What is Event Photography?

Photo Buddy gets you a complete package of photography for the events that are held every year in the schools like Teacher's Day, Annual Day, Sports Day, Fancy Dress, Award Ceremony & other school specific events.

We are the first one's in India who setup Event Studio on the way to his Performance to ensure capturing of fresh looks & mood for the schools.

We also setup onsite Printing to give Instant Souvenir Photo Folder or Souvenir Design Folder

*Why Event Photography?

- Events are Special when Buddies are in different Getups & will always like to have memories of this Getup.
- Photographs can be handed over immediately wrapped with Souvenir Photo Folder.
- Photographs can be personalized.
- Various Backgrounds, Text can be Added and handed over immediately wrapped with Souvenir Design Folder.

*Event Day

Setup - We setup professional event studio onsite

a) Well chosen Backdrop or Green Screen for Souvenir Design Folder
b) Professional Lights with Soft Boxes & Reflectors that enhances the image quality.
c) Posing Stool.
d) Professional SLR Camera with Tripod to give the picture perfect effect.
e) Kodak Thermal Printer to Print Highest Quality Photos instantly.

People - Our Buddies are well trained professionals by Kodak

a) Coordinator - Friendly Female Coordinators gather and manage data as well as help everyone to get the best clicks.
b) Photographer - Pleasant Photographer who masters light, mood & personality.
b) Technician - Sits on the Event Studio Setup to give you instant effects on your photographs.
c) All of them reach on site before time, Setup Studio, get Friendly with all to get Perfect Photography.

Some important Tips for Portrait Day

a) If your events have performances, we recommend you to have clicks before the performance start.
b) If you have decided a look for the event for your self be natural and accept the fact that you looking good the same will reflect in the photographs.

*Event Photography - Products

Souvenir Photo Folder
Souvenir Folder is Preprinted Folder personalized for School or for event . . .
Souvenir Design Folder
Souvenir Folder is Photo Personalized Folder for School or for events . . .
Activity Book
We also offer Activity Book, which shows the activities done by the individual in the events . . .